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There are so many games and expensive consoles available in our market today that use the latest technologies.


Although flash games are mainly played straightly on the computer and there is no need to hook all sort of weird devices to the television, many people claim that they love playing the Flash games more.Some people love their games more simple and some of the flash games are pretty simple but there are also many flash games that are just incredible with all the 3d and things the designers put in the game.Some of the flash games can also be downloaded for free while in the latest consoles it's an investment because every latest game or every accessory or piece of equipment some might find very expensive. some of the best casino games online are similar to flash games.

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Bejeweled is a physically attractive and mentally challenging Flash game that takes some of its element from Tetris and some from other matching type games. The principle of the game involves switching the positions of certain gems on the game board to make complete sets. Many online casino players tend to enjoy this game.

Bejeweled: Set Up

The game board is essentially a checkerboard, with an 8 x 8 grid making up 64 squares alternating light and dark. On each square is one of the multiple gem options, which include diamonds, emeralds, rubies and amethysts. Your goal is simply to flip the positions of two adjacent gems to create a set of three of that particular gem.

Bejeweled: Game Play

Once you create a set, the set of gems disappear and new gems drop down into the layout to replace them. Each set you make earns you points. Cascades, where the set you create results in the creation of additional sets when your set disappears and the gems are repositioned, are worth more, and the longer the cascade the more points you can earn.

Your objective is to fill the bonus meter before you run out of matches, at which point you will receive a bonus and a new game board. If you are having trouble finding a match, the game can eventually help you out by having a playable gem flash briefly. With every level you complete, the game gets more challenging and the matches become worth more.

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